A Brief Story of Le 14 Juillet

A Brief Story of Le 14 Juillet

Enough is enough! Parisians have been angry for too long already. Starvation and despair of seeing the increase in bread prices fueled people's anger.

Their mission is to bring down the regime and for that they need gunpowder. They have heard it can be found at the Bastille, an austere medieval fortress transformed into a state prison located East of Paris. But in order to invade it,
you need weapons!

Without hesitation, early morning of July 14, 1789, 863 valiant men entered the Invalids and stole 32,000 rifles. Armed to the teeth, "Les Vainqueurs (winners) de la Bastille", rushed and brought it down after terrible fights of heavy fire.

The French Revolution is on the move, the king will be beheaded and in France, the Republic will be born. Several hundred years later July 14 is a day of celebration, where French soldiers parade with their finest uniforms and

The march is colorful, and you will certainly spot blue helmets, French army alpine hunters' white outfits, and the shiny red firefighters' helmets among many others.

Later at nightfall, if you look up you will see the colors of the fireworks. From the Eiffel Tower to the small remote town of France, every Frenchman will be able to admire the synchronic work of the pyrotechnicians until the grande finale. Le jour de la Bastille will always remind us of liberation or as Victor Hugo calls it: "the awakening of freedom."

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