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Our Mission

Bread Story's mission is to serve the community of Stuytown, New York with daily fresh French bakery products for the pleasure of families and people who want to take a bite of the French heritage and “savoir-faire”. 

As a way to connect and establish into the community, Bread
Story will hold events such as baking classes, degustation and more…

Yann Ledoux

Over the years, Yann has baked in many different countries. His path led him to become the former head baker of Maison Kayser in New York for 8 years.

Yann is continuously discovering new products and working on different recipes which always highlight the flavors of each product. He has opened over twenty bakeries in his career, however Bread Story is different, as it is his first bakery where he will be able to truly express himself through his craft under his own name. 

Bread Story Passion

Bread Story was imagined to bring French bread to New York and to share the historical stories behind them. Each creation that Yann bakes is loaded with pieces of French heritage, whether from a recipe from his childhood or one discovered during his travels.

Yann's passion for artisanal craft baking is what drives him to collaborate with local producers. He is passionate about the flavor, the product itself, and he enjoys working with natural raising agents to allow time to bring the flavors into the dough. 

Bread Story of the Month

From the croissant to the Madeleine, each month we share a new story about the traditional French baked goods we have come to love! 

This Month's Story

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