A Brief Story of Le Café en Terrasse

A Brief Story of Le Café en Terrasse

The sun illuminates us with its gentle warmth, the birds sing their most beautiful tunes, and the blue sky inspires us to dive into it, no doubt it's summertime.

The pleasure of enjoying the present moment seated in typical wicker chairs is part of the French art of living because yes, ladies and gentlemen, living is an art.

A refined art that unfolds and is transmitted over the course of a philosophical conversation, the lips brushing the porcelain cups of coffee. We don't talk about work or big projects en terrasse, instead, we engage in friendly, loving, existential conversations like Sartre, Sand, Hugo or Balzac did in their time.

"Asseyez-vous mon cher ami, vous prendrez bien un petit café ?

Translates to:
"sit down my dear friend, would you like some coffee?" has been commonly heard since the 17th century in France, which finds its origins in the south of France where, due to its pleasant climate, people spend lots of time outside. Since then, everywhere in France and particularly in Paris, we find these café terraces.

At the terrace of a café, there is no face-to-face, we are side by side, in a state of observation of the world that is exposed just in front of us but we are also in observation of ourselves, immersed into the sanctuary of contemplative
reflections. A place where we have a chance to pause and examine our thoughts in detail.

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