A brief Story of Macarons

A brief Story of Macarons

The elegant, light, vibrant, and romantic macaron has graced the storefronts of pâtisseries in France for decades, but its history dates over two centuries.

From obscure Arabic origins to its legendary French court introduction by Catherine de Medici, the macaron's history is incredibly diverse and has experienced significant change and shift. One of the macaron's many births occurred in a beautiful abbey in the small city of Nancy in north-east eighteenth-century France. Here, two nuns, Marguerite Gaillot and Marie Morlot created Macarons des Soeurs, the traditional single macaron cookie. After a decree abolished religious congregations in 1792, Marguerite and Marie fled, selling their macarons to survive, which continued to be sold ever since.

However, it wasn't until 1930 that the macaron as we know it today began to take shape when two traditional macarons were sandwiched with ganache. These modern macarons we know and love were made famous in the 20th century when they evolved even further, embracing many various flavors and eye-catching colors.

BreadStory gets its delicious, colorful masterpieces from Thierry Atlan, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier (a prestigious and honored title earned through competition and excellence). Crafted by expert hands, his macarons always burst with flavor and bring an element of joy to every day.

So, whether as a gift, a special treat, or just because, there is a macaron for everyone from classic white vanilla and chocolatey brown to more exotic varieties like Thierry Atlan's purple violet cassis, pink rose lychee, and vibrantly yellow mango passionfruit. One thing is sure: this delicious and indulgent dessert will always stay in style.

Written by Eleonora Fogg

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