A Brief Story of Saint Honoré

A Brief Story of Saint Honoré

It was in the small village of Hauts-de-France that in the early 500s after Jesus Christ, a little boy was born.

A few years later, this young boy, son of the Count of Boulogne, told his governess he wanted to become a bishop. While she was baking in loaves with her bread shovel, the governess replied to him: "You bishop when my shovel gets
covered in leaves » (quand ma pelle aura des feuilles). As the governess said these words, a sumptuous miracle occurred. Leaves started to appear and cover the wood of the bread shovel she was holding. Magical! It was like a divine approval of the desire of the young child.

The hagiographic legend of more than 1000 years teaches us that at the death of the bishop of Amiens, his spiritual father, a celestial light as well as a divine oil landed on the head of this boy who had become a man for the sacred bishop of a
divine will.

His childhood dream came true around the year 554. This man who became a saint was called Honoré and died in his hometown on May 16, 600.

About 600 years later, in 1202, to pay homage to St Honoré, a Parisian baker offered a plot of land to build a chapel in his honor. Saint Honoré is now the patron saint of bakers, he is celebrated on May 16 of each year.

For us, it is a duty to celebrate and honor him; we bake a delicious pastry that has his name: le saint honoré cake. It is made of classic puff pastry, choux, and pastry cream.

Did you know that the street where the president of the republic lives is also called : la rue du faubourg saint-honoré and is dedicated to his memory.

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