A Brief Story of the Chocolatine

A Brief Story of the Chocolatine

If there is one thing that french are internationally known for (besides food and wine) it is their constant complaints and fights over almost everything. Pastries are not an exception to this talent.

Presumably created by Austrian baker August Zang around 1830, the creation carries in fact a very unknown origin. An enigma that goes all the way to its actual name. ‘Pain au chocolat’ in the Northand South-east, ‘chocolatine’ in the South-west, the settlement could be simple but it actually divides the french.

The South-westerns are certain and their version indisputable. Their way: La Chocolatine

Their story: English people influenced its name, always asking for chocolate in bread. “A chocolate in bread please”… Chocolate in bread… Chocolate in... Chocolatine.

The Northern and South-easterns on the other side will never concede and hold their narrative as the truth.

Their way: Le Pain au chocolat
Their story: The evolution of the famous chocolate with bread that french kids were all eating getting out of school. A simple piece of chocolate inside a slice of bread that rapidly turned into a viennoiserie. The pain au chocolat.

Years after years, the battle for truth still rages all over the country (even in politics). Sacre Bleu! Is it time for you to pick your side? Will you be a Northern or a South-western french?

No need to choose..In the end it is just a chocolate croissant* ;)

*Schokoladencroissant = chocolate croissant in viennese (literally)

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