A Brief Story of the Fondant au Chocolat

A Brief Story of the Fondant au Chocolat

Around 4 pm somewhere in France.

"Ding"! The oven is ready for the cake, it was preheated at 175 degrees Celsius.

Kids are playing and one of them is particularly excited. Augustin is turning 6 years old today and like every year, his special request is the famous: "gâteau au chocolat" but not any chocolate cake, the classic French dessert:"le fondant
au chocolat."

His mom, Jeanne got the recipe from her mom who got it herself from her mom.

It was Michel Bras who just about forty years ago in 1981 spent years perfecting the recipe but the truth is "le fondant" doesn't need to be made by a Michelin star chef. Today, the Michelin star chef is Jeanne. She always uses the same ingredients in the same order, mixed with the same spatula and baked in the same oven. A simple, humble yet delicious fondant Augustin could recognize amongst thousands.

The ingredients? The five most basic ingredients, butter melted in chocolate, flour, eggs and sugar mixed together but the sixth and most magical element of this recipe is the delectable feeling of a loving person baking something for you just because they know it's your number one favorite.

Augustin knew exactly when was the right time to come into the kitchen. Just when Jeanne finishes to mix the dough he would dive his finger in to taste.

It's time! Everyone sings. "Joyeux Anniversaire, Augustin" He blows the six candles, makes a wish and you could already see his eyes full of joy already devouring the cake.

Miam miam! (yum yum!) This fondant au chocolat is just melt-in-your-mouth heavenly goodness. Smiles are on every single kids' face in the room and Augustin is the happiest today. The simplest things are often what makes us the

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